Who Are TSZX?

Lina - Dana - Stephanie - Sunday

The Grace (Korean: 천상지희 더 그레이스; Chinese: 天上智喜 The Grace) is a South Korean a capella girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2005. It consists of four members that specialize in singing, dancing, and acting.

The Grace was known as TSZX before the promotion of their 3rd Korean single (My Everything) around the end of 2006, at which the group changed their name to The Grace to signal the change of the group's style to a more “graceful” one. TSZX is the romanization of the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, Tiān Shàng Zhì Xǐ. In Japan, the group is still officially known as Tenjōchiki, which is also abbreviated (though less frequently) as TJCK.


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Sunday in musical 'Youth's March' casted as Oh Yeong Shim

Posted by Bunnie On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 2 comments

[Medical Today My Star News Mun Byeong Hee Reporter]

Sunday who was active in the group Cheong Sang Ji Hee the Grace has been casted in a musical.

Sunday as her character Oh Yeong Shim will hold a musical showcase for 'Youth's March' next month on the 5th in Seoul Samsung-dong at COEX auditorium.

Last year, Sunday debuted in the musical 'Rock of Age'. Sunday will be the main in the 1980-90's hit song running juke box musical 'Youth's March' and is expected to strengthen as a musical actor.

'Youth's March' is 'Run Honey' main character Oh Yeong Shim and Wang Kyeong Tae meet as adults 17 years later and go through a noisy situation. It is musical choreographer Kang Wook Soon first direct production.

Meanwhile, Sunday debuted as a solo artist in Japan in 2004. Afterwards, in 2005 she was active as a member in 'Cheong Sang Ji Hee the Grace'. Last year she was on stage in 'Rock of Age'.

Translated By © choco_plum/ForeverShapley
Source: My Star News

CSJH’s Sunday cast in tvN’s “Opera Star 2011″

Posted by Bunnie On Monday, March 07, 2011 0 comments

CSJH’s Sunday (24) will be making her official comeback after four years away through a variety appearance on tvN’s “Opera Star 2011“!

According to an SM Entertainment representative, this is Sunday’s first broadcast appearance since she last concluded activities with CSJH back in 2007. She’s been working in Japan through various musicals since then, but fans weren’t able to see her on TV until now.


CSJH the Grace set for a comeback, but with how many members?

Posted by Bunnie On Thursday, January 27, 2011 0 comments

Put all the rumors to bed – it has been confirmed that CSJH the Grace is making a comeback some time within this year!

Entertainment officials have recently stated that CSJH is planning to come back to the music industry sometime around April. However, they have also revealed that CSJH may make a return as a two or three member group.

Out of all four members, it has been reported that Stephanie will be absent from this comeback, as she currently has ballet activities in Los Angeles and is focusing solely on dance.

In regards to her absence, she stated, “As I want to put all my concentration into ballet as of now, I can’t come back as a member of CSJH.”

In addition, Lina has expressed a desire to become an actress, so her participation in CSJH’s comeback has not been finalized.

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on CSJH’s comeback!

Source + Photo: Sports Seoul
Source: AllKpop

Interview with Stephanie Kim

Posted by Staff On Sunday, January 23, 2011 1 comments
After a long hiatus, Stephanie Kim from Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace took some time to tell us about her return to dancing and plans for the future.

© Stephanie Kim; Photo: Reed Hutchinson

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Stephanie Kim: My name is Stephanie Kim. I am a professional ballet dancer in the Los Angeles Ballet Company.

It's nice to see that you're doing fine after being away for so long. Because of your training, your back was in bad condition and you had to stop your career for a while; how did you feel about that?
Stephanie Kim: I was very sad that I couldn’t perform for ‘The Grace’ solo concert in Japan, but the concert went very successfully and I was very proud of my members. I stopped my singing career but I’m staying very busy dancing. I feel very lucky because I recovered from my injury and I get to continue to perform on the stage no matter what industry I’m in.

After two years, you were able to dance again, and now you're in the Los Angeles Ballet Company. How is it?
Stephanie Kim: I am very glad that I could join the Los Angeles Ballet Company. I never thought that I would be able to dance again, especially since I took such a long break from it.

If you could choose between a career as a ballerina and a career as a singer, what would you choose and why?
Stephanie Kim: I would choose both careers. I am very thankful that I could experience both.

Do you have any plans as a member of Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace?
Stephanie Kim: I don’t have any plans yet.

Do you keep in touch with Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace's members?
Stephanie Kim: Yes, we talk on the phone often.

What are your plans as a ballerina? As a singer?
Stephanie Kim: The Los Angeles Ballet’s season has just started. I would like to continue to focus on my dancing career.

Since the beginning of your career in Korea and in the USA, what has been the most difficult thing to achieve for you?
Stephanie Kim: Being away from the family was the most difficult part for me.

This seems to be a new beginning for you, which brings me to ask how do you want to be known from now on? As Chunmoo Stephanie or Kim Bo-kyung?
Stephanie Kim: Both of those names represent me. It doesn’t matter which name I use as long as I can be on the stage and perform for my fans and audiences.

Lately, what song do you most like to sing?
Stephanie Kim: I enjoy singing pop songs and the songs from my CSJH album.

If you could choose 3 of your favorite Korean singers (or bands), who would you choose?
Stephanie Kim: Lee Eun Mi, In Sooni and Big mama.

What are you known to be like?
Stephanie Kim: A girl who loves to sing and dance.

Seeing as this year is over, what do you hope to achieve by this time next year?
Stephanie Kim: I would like focus on my career in the Los Angeles Ballet Company and be healthier and happier.

Any last messages for KoME readers?
Stephanie Kim: Thank you for everything. I wouldn’t be able to dance or sing without my fans’ support. I’ll always be thankful.

Original Article
Source: KoME World
Date: 1/20/11

Sunday Cyworld Updates

Posted by Staff On Friday, January 21, 2011 0 comments

Images from Sunday's Cyworld. Thanks to 1234567890qaz at Soompi Forums for the head's up.

Lina and Stephanie Cyworld Photos

Posted by Staff On Thursday, January 20, 2011 1 comments

All taken from Lina's Cyworld. Thanks to ziyuN07 at Soompi Forums for the heads up

Dana "The Three Musketeers" Photo Collection

Posted by Staff On Sunday, January 02, 2011 1 comments

Thanks to Minaki at Soompi Forums for the heads up. Original credits from Baidu

Stephanie LA Ballet Performance Photos

Posted by Staff On Sunday, January 02, 2011 0 comments

Thanks to 1234567890qaz at Soompi Forums for the heads up. Photos taken from Stephanie's Cyworld

Lovely Julia Cinquemani performed a spellbinding Arabian Dance, all liquid extensions and molten sensuality. Sidelined by an injury for a week, Korean ballerina Stephanie Kim made her company debut in the same dance, late in the run. She was magical, sinuous, electrifying throughout the extended pas de deux. Both dancers are partnered with strength and beauty by a majestic Alexander Castillo.

Source: Fine Arts LA
Date: December 31, 2010
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Forever Shapley to Open January 14, 2011

Posted by Bunnie On Wednesday, December 15, 2010 0 comments
Note: This forum is unrelated to the Graceful 4 Network, so any questions you have please direct them to the e-mail listed in the post.

Forever Shapley which has been under works for the last three months has announced their official launch to be that of January 14, 2011. The staff have been working diligently to make a forum that all international fans can use to their advantage. They've started many activities and are just waiting for the opening day to let all of Shapley come and join in the fun.

Forever Shapley is made up of Shapley's new and old that have all been waiting patiently for CSJH's return. We're hoping to grow once we've opened to include all the international fans. If you're new to CSJH we want to have the information you want to know, if your older to CSJH we want to have the information you didn't know. We want to grow together as fans, and support CSJH to the best of our abilities. As a group of fans we want to make a comfortable home for other's to enjoy. Join us when we open on January 14, 2011!

Forever Shapley has even started their first official project which is a message book for Dana. It will be given to her on the last day of her musical The Three Musketeers January 29, 2011. All CSJH fans are encouraged to write a message to share with Dana because the submission deadline is January 1, 2011. The forums have still not opened so for now the method in which to submit a message is through live journal.
Forever Shapley is still looking for staff, so if you missed out applying the first time, you still can just follow the directions found in this post. Forever Shapley is still looking for more translators, graphic designers, and tech admins. We're always looking for dedicated Shapley's to help us support CSJH The Grace.

Any questions you can always e-mail forevershapley@gmail.com.
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